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A and B Photos

The A&B Sugar Museum in Pu’unene is a great place to discover the history of sugar, and how water has generated the growth on Maui. Open daily, there’s a $7 admission fee.

maui museum
ahihi kinau
ahihi kinau

‘Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Area Reserve in Makena is the first preserve of its kind in Hawaii. The photo above shows the smooth pahoehoe form of lava that can be found along this Makena coast, where the last lava flows on Maui happened.

‘Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Area Reserve in Makena was established in 1973 to preserve the marine eco-system along this volcanic coast. The photo above is of ‘Ahihi Cove, the most popular snorkel site within the preserve.

baby beach maui
baby beach maui
bailey house

Baby Beach in Lahaina is the nicest beach if you don’t want to leave Lahaina. It’s probably the beach with the least amount of wind and wave action on the island, hence its name. You have to park in a residential area or on Front Street, and walk to the beach down a narrow walkway.

Baby Beach in Sprecklesville has the least amount of waves on this windward side of the island because of all the rocks and coral offshore. No facilities, but a nice peaceful beach. Down Nonohe Place, off the Hana Highway, just before Paia.

The Bailey House at the entrance to ‘Iao Valley in Wailuku is the best place on Maui to learn about the Hawaiian culture. Built in 1833 as a mission for the first missionaries on Maui, today it is a museum operated by the Maui Historical Society.

baldwin house
banyan tree

The Baldwin House on Front Street in Lahaina was the home of one of the first medical missionaries to arrive on Maui in the 1830’s, and served  among other things as a medical office. Today it serves as the Baldwin Home Museum, complete with many of the original furnishings.

This large, prominent Banyan Tree in Lahaina on Front Street was planted in 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first christian missionaries. If you walk under it you can see that it is just one tree, with many aerial roots that have dropped to the ground and rooted.

Built about 1800 by two ex-convicts, the Brick Palace of Kamehameha to the right side of Lahaina Harbor is considered the first western building built in Hawaii. Commissioned by King Kamehameha, it was used as a store house and residence until the 1850’s.


black sand beach
maui beach
seven sacred pools
maui beach
maui beach
lahaina courthouse

Photos of Maui Beaches & Drives

maui beach
hana autos

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