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La Perouse Bay below Makena is an excellent snorkel site, but you have to be careful if the weather gets rough. The beach is all lava rock, with no sand. It’s a 150 yard walk from the parking lot. There are no facilities.

la perouse bay
lahaina courthouse
lahaina harbor

Built in 1859, over the years the Lahaina Court House in Lahaina housed a custom house, post office, money vault, office of the Governor of Maui, District Attorney and court. Today it houses the Lahaina Heritage Museum.

Lahaina Harbor is the major recreational boat harbor on the island; Ma’alaea Harbor is the other. Cruise ships that come to Hawaii in the winter drop anchor offshore, and bring their passengers into the harbor by tender.

lahaina harbor
lahaina harbor
lahaina jodo

Lahaina Harbor was built in the 1950”s, and today serves as the center of recreational boating on the island. The Main Loading Dock can be seen on the left in this photo.

This is the view to the right of the photo on the left. The hilly slopes above Lahaina were once covered with growing sugar cane. The last sugar harvest on these slopes was in 1999.

The Lahaina Jodo Mission at the north end of Lahaina was founded in 1912 by the early Japanese who worked in the pineapple and sugar fields. It has the largest buddha outside of Japan.

lahaina lighthouse
lahaina church
maui lava flow

Located to the right side of the Main Loading Dock at Lahaina Harbor, the Lahaina Lighthouse was originally commissioned in 1840 to aid the sailors coming ashore from their whaling boats.

The Lahaina United Methodist Church in Lahaina on Front Street has Sunday services in both english and tongan. It is also used for an occasional visitor wedding.

The last lava flow on Maui took place in 1790 along the most southern point of the island, just below Makena. You can see all this dried lava scattered for miles. With no activity since, Haleakala is now considered a dormant volcano.

launiupoko park
leleiwi overlook

Launiupoko Park south of Lahaina is a popular park with both residents and visitors. It has all facilities, and can get crowded when the surf is up. With sharks in the area, the stone enclosure was built by early Hawaiians to allow children to safely play in the water.

Leleiwi Overlook is the lower of the two overlooks into the caldera within Haleakala National Park. There’s parking across the street, with a 100 yard walk to the view seen above.


black sand beach
maui beach
seven sacred pools
maui beach
maui beach
lahaina courthouse

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honolua bay
hana road

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