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North Shore Beaches

Kanaha to Ho'okipa

The North Shore Beaches are primarily known for surfing, wind- and kitesurfing in Hawaii. And you have to watch sometime on your visit. It is only when the wind dies down, and the sand stops blowing, that these beaches become excellent places to enjoy the surf and sand. It is all white sand along this north shore of Maui.

WARNING   Be careful of the ocean if you don’t know what you’re doing. When in doubt, don’t!

maui beach map
kanaha beach
kanaha beach
kanaha beach

Kanaha Beach Park is the center for windsurfers on the island. On the north side, where these photos were taken, is the mecca for kitesurfing in Hawai’i. If you want to check out what kitesurfing is all about, this is the place to visit.

baby beach maui
baby beach maui
baby beach maui

Baby Beach in Sprecklesville is a great beach for the little ones when the wind and surf are low. There are no facilities. Popular with residents when the wind is light, there are few people here when the wind blows. It’s down Nonohe Place off the Hana Highway on the way to Pa’ia.

baldwin beach maui
baldwin beach maui
baldwin beach maui

H. A. Baldwin Park, or Baldwin as the locals call it, is the premier beach on the North Shore, and popular with residents. It has all facilities. A great beach to lay on the sand and take in the view when the tradewinds are light.

ho'okipa beach

Ho’okipa State Park, or just Ho’okipa as the locals call it, is the premier surf spot on the island. It has all facilities. Popular spot for visitors to stop and watch on their drive to Hana.


black sand beach
kapalua bay maui
road to hana
kamaole beach maui
baldwin beach maui
lahaina courthouse

Photos of Maui Beaches & Drives

honolua bay
backside of maui

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